Can you buy anything real with Bitcoin?


Can you buy anything real with Bitcoin?

Bitcoin cryptocurrency appeared nine years ago (in 2009), and during this period it went through an exciting and eventful way. From an unknown coin, Bitcoin has become the primary goal of millions of investors. And if in 2010 for 10,000 BTC only a couple of pizzas were purchased, today for this money it is easy to buy houses, apartments, cars, and also a cottage to boot.

At the rate on April 21, 2018, 1 Bitcoin was sold for 8,873 thousand dollars. This is even though precisely a year ago, it was worth seven times less. What can you buy for Bitcoins today? In which countries is the cryptocurrency most in demand? What products are sold for Bitcoin in the world? These and other questions will be discussed below.

Today, Bitcoin is not just one of the best investment tools, but also an advantageous currency that can be used for purchases in the real world. Initially, most people used Bitcoin as an investment tool, but over time, the number of people who wanted to use Bitcoin as a payment instrument for purchases of certain goods increased among users. Due to this, the popularity of Bitcoin has grown even more. Moreover, sometimes, the process of cashing bitcoin is challenging and takes some time. Despite this, Bitcoin users want to buy goods and services as well as they do it for cash.

Difficulty in exchanging Bitcoin for cash is easy to imagine like:

  • Sending money from your account to exchange
  • Time spent confirming this transaction
  • The time required to complete the transaction
  • Time to transfer money to your account

As you can see, the process of withdrawing Bitcoin to online fiat money or cash takes a certain amount of time. If you do this through a particular crypto exchange, it can take up to 5 business days. However, users in a certain way wanted always to speed up this process. That is why various tools and services appeared in the modern world, thanks to which bitcoin owners can buy goods and services almost instantly. As you probably already know, not all stores on the Internet are ready to accept Bitcoin as payments. Nevertheless, we have found ways to do this and not face difficulties.

Bitcoin debit card

Can you buy anything real with Bitcoin?

To date, a significant amount of advertising has appeared that offers holders of bitcoins and another crypto some prepaid cards for paying with bitcoins.

Moreover, there is a Shift VISA card that is directly linked to your Coinbase account and takes a certain amount of coins at the time you make purchases. If you plan to buy goods and services from time to time and want it to be tied to the rate of coins at the time of purchase of this option is the most optimal. Moreover, such a card is well protected from cheaters.

Gift Cards and Certificates

Can you buy anything real with Bitcoin?

A convenient way to purchase goods and services for bitcoins is the so-called purchase of gift cards and certificates. If you plan to buy a particular product on the store website, but they do not accept Bitcoin as a calculation, you can buy a gift card of this store for bitcoins and then use it to purchase the necessary goods. Thanks to websites like eGifter and Gyft, you can buy gift cards for most online stores using Bitcoin. Thanks to this concept, you can easily buy products in such online stores as Target or Amazon or more specialized stores that provide services and products.

As for convenience and speed, the purchase of such certificates is a quick procedure. After you transfer the required number of bitcoins, you receive a digital code from a particular gift card and can use them immediately to place orders for the relevant money. Such a process is one of the most quickly and efficiently and also much more convenient than making a transaction and exchanging Bitcoin for fiat money.

Very often, websites that sell gift certificates accept other cryptocurrencies, the so-called Altcoins, including:

  • Eth
  • LTC
  • DASH
  • BAT

OMG and many others.

Can you buy anything real with Bitcoin?

Shopping at Amazon with a significant discount

If you often buy goods on Amazon or plan to place an order in the near future, this method will help you save a lot on the cost of the goods. For this, we will need to use a website like This resource unites the users who have some certain number of gift cards and certificates for purchases at Amazon, and from the other side, some people are willing to sell Bitcoin for such cards.

Bitcoin holder can place the required number of coins that he is willing to sell for the gift certificate and, if a gift card holder appears, they can proceed to an exchange. In fact, the website helps to connect people who have cryptocurrency on the one hand and people with gift certificates on the other hand. The exchange process looks quite simple on the Amazon website. You can choose the goods you want to buy and ask for a discount on them, which is approximately is from 10 to 33%.

This website prices are calculated in equivalent to Bitcoin, which corresponds to the number of goods you plan to purchase. The website thus deposits the necessary amount of coins and saves them until there is a buyer. As soon as the buyer agrees to your offer, he makes an order from the Amazon website and sends the goods to you at the address, and the money that was deposited on the website is sent to him. So you get the products, from Amazon with a good discount and the buyer receives a coin in one of the most simple and effective ways.

Online service

It is also worth noting that there are lots of services that have appeared on the Internet that help bitcoin holders to buy absolutely any goods from most online stores; these services are very similar to the bitcoin exchange service we mentioned above. However, in this case, the user is not given a job discount as follows: the user provides a link to the product he wants to purchase. And the service itself makes the purchase of this product for fiat money the same time transferring the equivalent amount of bitcoins from Bitcoin holder.

What products can be bought for Bitcoin

Can you buy anything real with Bitcoin?

It is evident that Bitcoin is the top cryptocurrency on the market with the largest share of capitalization. That is why Bitcoin is one of the few coins that in the real world can be taken as money. Unlike other coins or the so-called Altcoins, even very well-known and significant brands and companies can accept Bitcoin. Well, let’s look at what we can spend our bitcoin safely and avoid scam.

Microsoft online store

Microsoft began accepting Bitcoin as a payment coin back in 2014. However, in 2018, minor difficulties arose with the acceptance of the coin as payment. However, they were resolved, and the company continued to accept payment in cryptocurrency. Therefore, at the moment you can use your Bitcoin coin to buy various movies, games as well as the online application in Windows and Xbox stores.

Starbucks Coffee Shop

Can you buy anything real with Bitcoin?

After in August 2018, the giant global company made an announcement about the collaboration with Microsoft, and so the Bakkt applications that will be available in Starbucks stores. Thanks to this application, Starbucks can accept bitcoins from its customers as a calculation for its products in Q4 2018.

Despite the ambiguous attitude towards cryptocurrencies and the desire of many governments to control virtual money, BTCs are actively used not only for investing but also for making purchases. Below we consider what can be bought for Bitcoins in the world.

Can you buy anything real with Bitcoin?

The property reviews

Today, many corporations in the world are trying to launch projects that allow them to buy real estate for virtual money. For example, a large project was launched by the Knox Group of the United Arab Emirates, which will enable to purchase a studio apartment for 33 BTC and a 1-room apartment for 54 Bitcoins. The most expensive real estate will cost 80 BTC.

Bitcoin is also gaining popularity in the United States. Thus, the company Magnum Real Estate Group, which sells real estate in New York, offers customers the purchase of housing for virtual money. The management of the organization states that their goal is not to popularize cryptocurrency, but the desire to diversify the financial portfolio by adding virtual coins to it.

With the use of Bitcoin goes more and more private transactions when the buyer is ready to receive payment for the object in the cryptocurrency. Examples are:

a 1.4-acre sale in California

a large house in Miami was sold for 1600 coins

The advantage of such operations is reliability, and there are no time delays.

The first official real estate transaction in the United States occurred in Texas. It took 10 minutes to pay the whole amount. During this time, the cryptocurrency was transferred to dollars and credited to a bank account. Cash was not necessary. The broker who organized the transaction noted the ease of carrying out all procedures.

Real estate transactions take place not only in the United States or the United Arab Emirates but also in many other countries. January 2018, the year has passed the news that Japan plans to sell housing for Bitcoins. A large real estate company Yitanzi stated this intention. Almost immediately after the announcement of intent, a commercial building was priced at 547 BTC.

The management of the Japanese company notes that more and more investors view the real estate market as one of the options for spending accumulated funds. Besides, in Japan, there are more people willing to sell housing for virtual currency. Experts believe that such a payment method in 5-10 years will be one of the main.

Canada was no exception, where a Toronto resident sold an existing home for Bitcoin. The former entrepreneur estimated the property at 35 coins, which for the period of the sale was 280 thousand dollars. The seller explained the decision that he was confident in the future of cryptocurrency and the further growth of its market price.

Citizenship reviews

Can you buy anything real with Bitcoin?

Considering what can now be bought for Bitcoins, it is worth highlighting such an original product as citizenship. In the fall of 2017, there was news that the state of Vanuatu in Oceania plans to accept BTC within the framework of the citizenship program. To become part of the local community and get a passport, you need to pay $ 200,000, which at the time of the news spread was 42 Bitcoins. On April 21, 2018, this amount was lower – only 22 coins.

The advantages of a Vanuatu passport are obvious. The country is part of the Commonwealth of Nations, which opens for the owner the opportunity to travel to 116 countries of the world, including the EU. The advantage is that in order to obtain citizenship, it is not necessary to fly to a country or reside on its territory. You can get a passport online while remaining in a familiar place.

Car reviews

The Czech Republic is the most active in the automotive sector. Thus, one of the country’s largest retail stores in 2017 announced its intention to sell goods for Bitcoins. This applies not only to household appliances but also to Tesla’s cars, which appeared in the assortment of the outlet. Today works not only in the Czech Republic – it has representative offices in many EU countries. The company started by accepting Bitcoins, but after a while, it delivered ATMs to receive cryptocurrencies in its own stores (in Bratislava and Prague).

The innovation confirmed its effectiveness – in the very first month, 4% of all payments were made using cryptocurrency. People are looking for what can be bought for Bitcoins on the Internet. Therefore, official BTC reception points are in increasing demand. In the footsteps of the Czech company went some car dealerships in California and Finland. As for the private ads that involve payment of Bitcoin for cars, their number is only growing.

At the end of March 2018, there was news that a large dealer from Japan plans to sell premium-class cars for cryptocurrency. That company L’Operaio announced the start of cooperation with the large stock exchange bitFlyer. As a result, Bitcoin payment with a limit of $ 1 million (100 million yen) became available to customers. It is worth noting that the other partners of the exchange limit the purchase of more stringent – up to 2760 US dollars.

At the initial stage, sales are planned at retail outlets located in some parts of Tokyo (Aoyama, Narima, and Setagaya), but in the future, the sales geography will become more extensive. It is planned to cover all the outlets of the company. At the same time, bitFlyer does not intend to stop at the achieved results. In the near future, the task is to expand the number of car dealerships and stores that cooperate with the company and are able to accept cryptocurrency as payment. It is known that such a famous store as Bik Kamer and some branches of Yamada Denki connected to the service.

Virtual money is increasingly being used in Latvia. Residents of the country have learned not only to make cryptocurrency but also to spend it on making large purchases. So, recently announced the availability of cars through the portal ads At the same time, the proposals are placed not only by individuals but also by companies. Interestingly, payment is accepted in Bitcoins and other virtual money (for example, in Ethereum). Several announcements are also posted by SIA Avto, which announced the possibility of paying for the goods by:

  • Lightcoin;
  • Ripple;
  • Bitcoins or other coins.
Can you buy anything real with Bitcoin?

Football team reviews

A compelling case occurred at the end of January 2018. One amateur club from Turkey bought a football player on the team for Bitcoin. By the way, this is the first official deal for buying an athlete for cryptocurrency. The club management announced that the transaction cost was only 0.0524 BTC, which at the time of the transfer was $ 547. Approximately the same amount was paid in cash.

In addition, at the end of 2017, players of the Danish hockey club called Rungsted Sayer Capital were invited to receive a salary in Bitcoins. This is due to the fact that sponsorship has passed into the hands of one of the Bitcoin-billionaires (N. Nicolaisen), for whom it is easier to pay salaries in cryptocurrency.

Can you buy anything real with Bitcoin?

Travels reviews

Considering what products you can buy for Bitcoins, it is worth highlighting the payment of travel. One of the pioneers in this matter is the airline Air Lituanica from Lithuania, which announced the possibility of purchasing services through BTC. The commission was canceled to attract owners of cryptocurrency. A couple of months later, AirBaltic from Latvia joined the “action,” and in 2015, LOT (Poland) began accepting Bitcoins.

Not far away are airlines from other European countries and the USA. Some organizations from the United States offer Bitcoin payment services. In addition, such services are sold for Bitcoins in Mexico and Canada. Despite the availability of proposals, there are not so many of them yet. People who want to pay Bitcoin for the journey are forced to look for options.

With increasing demand, more and more travel companies providing services for BTC appear. Alternatively, the company Destinia, which accepts payment in cryptocurrency. Its peculiarity lies in cooperation with more than 600 air carriers around the world. In addition, customers have access to train tickets, the ability to book hotels, and more. At first, payment by Bitcoins was closed for low-cost bonds, but for 2018 this direction still works.

Another option is BTCTrip. This is a company that offers travel services for virtual money owners. The office is located in New York, and the start of activity dates back to 2013. A not less exciting option is the travel agency Future.Travel (Vietnam). The company was founded in 2011. Today, it operates with more than 280 airlines and 400,000 hotels worldwide. The use of services occurs online. Bitcoin is also a payment option there.

Can you buy anything real with Bitcoin?

Education reviews

Another area where Bitcoin can be spent in the education sector. In particular, the University of Cyprus became the first educational institution to accept cryptocurrency for payment. To get a master’s degree, you need to make 2 BTC. The next were educational institutions of the USA (Kings College) and Great Britain (University of Cumbria).

In October 2017, the Swiss university, located in Lucerne, announced the acceptance of Bitcoins as payment. University students can now pay for tuition with virtual money. University staff claim that the plan of study includes the study of blockchain technology. In order to popularize this trend, it was decided to accept virtual money as a means of payment.

Transactions are planned through Bitcoin Suisse AG, which is ready to take risks associated with changes in the BTC market value. Cryptocurrency payments made by students’ parents or students themselves are exchanged into local currency once a week or every day when they reach the 10,000 francs mark. In this case, the commission payment is 1%.

Another interesting point is the statement of the Institute of Technology from Massachusetts about the intention to release more than 100 diplomas on blockchain technology. University management says that in this way it makes life easier for graduates. They will be able to present the document at any time, without worrying about his loss.

Can you buy anything real with Bitcoin?

Shops overview

Bitcoin is gaining more and more popularity as a means of payment for small transactions. To explore the list of shops where you can buy for Bitcoins, just go to the website Here is a map of the world with merchants marked on it that accept cryptocurrency for payment. Information is continuously updated, but before making a purchase, you need to check the possibility of payment using BTC. There are situations when the outlet is still mapped, but in reality, the website does not work, or it was decided to temporarily suspend the receipt of cryptocurrency as a means of payment.

A record number of outlets that accept cryptocurrency is located in the United States. Most of the stores with the ability to pay for Bitcoins work in New York, California, and Florida. The limited circulation of virtual money in some states is not due to the existence of a ban, as many believe, but to a low level of trust in virtual money.

It is easy to spend cryptocurrency in Japan, where Bitcoin is allowed at the official level and is regulated by law. The number of outlets accepting BTC is in the hundreds. South Korea has also gone far, where Bitcoin has long been perceived as a valuable means of payment. In addition, goods for Bitcoins can be bought in Taiwan, Indonesia, Australia, the Philippines and several other countries of the world. As noted, blockchain technologies are also interested in the South African government. As for the rest of the continent, cryptocurrency is not yet popular here.

What can I buy for 1 Bitcoin overview?

The value and capabilities of cryptocurrency largely depend on the main parameter – the exchange rate. As noted at the beginning of the article, over 10,000 Bitcoins in 2010, it was possible to purchase only two pizzas, and today these funds will be enough to live comfortably for the rest of your life. The outlets that open the reception of BTC go for significant risks because Bitcoin is notable for its volatility. For example, at the end of 2017, his exchange rate was over the mark of 20 thousand dollars, and on April 21, 2018, it is 8,873 thousand dollars. This means that in just four months, the price has fallen by more than two times.

If you consider what you can buy for 1 Bitcoin at the rate stated above, the list of goods and services will be extensive. For just one coin, you can buy a budget car or a car in the secondary market, buy household appliances in your home, purchase a trip, and even pay for education at one of the universities (of those that accept Bitcoins).

With the growth of the BTC rate, the possibilities of its owner increase. If we talk about the CIS countries, 1 Bitcoin is enough to live comfortably for a whole year.

Considering the latest trends, it can be noted that the cryptocurrency has strengthened its position and gradually occupies the retail trade sector. There are more and more outlets on the world map ready to accept Bitcoin as a means of payment. The CIS countries are not far behind, where Bitcoin is also gradually turning into a full-fledged method of payment.

Can you buy anything real with Bitcoin?

How to buy and sell bitcoins overview?

After we have learned what products and services can be bought for Bitcoin in the real world, it is worth considering the question of buying and selling the crypto-coin itself for cash and cashless payments.

Can you buy anything real with Bitcoin?

Credit card or bank account

Today, one of the best and easiest ways to buy Bitcoin is to use your debit or credit card. Some users may also use their bank account for this purpose. However, it should be understood that the sites on which you will buy cryptocurrency must be reliable otherwise you may face cheaters.

Bitcoin ATMs overview

It is also worth noting that in some countries such a service as buying Bitcoin through cryptocurrency ATMs is available. In their essence and appearance, they almost wholly resemble a traditional ATMs. The principle of the purchase is elementary, the user loads the required amount of fiat money and in turn, gets the corresponding amount of bitcoin. The ATM is directly connected to the Internet, and therefore, after the purchase, the user receives a unique check, which will be marked with the blockchain key.

It is also worth noting that over the past few years, the use of such ATMs has been steadily increasing, which may indicate that a particular part of Bitcoin users and buyers find buying it for cash as a very convenient tool as well as one of the most secure tools from cheaters.

Can you buy anything real with Bitcoin?

Gift certificates overview

One of the very convenient and effective ways to buy Bitcoin is the so-called gift certificates. This certificate can be purchased through certain specialized websites. At the same time, a fascinating advantage is that you can buy a certificate both for yourself and your friends or relatives. To do this, go to a specialized website to pay the necessary amount of money to buy a sure certificate and specify the address of the crypto wallet to which you would like to send the required number of coins.

Next, we will talk about how to sell Bitcoin, however, in the case of crypto exchanges, Bitcoin can be sold there as well, so it will also be a useful tool for those who want to sell their Bitcoin or buy it.

Can you buy anything real with Bitcoin?

Ways to sell bitcoin

We have already said that Bitcoin, as an investment tool, has gained considerable popularity in recent years. Today, it’s almost no surprise to anyone that multinational and significant international companies very often use Bitcoin as a means of calculating for their goods and services. That is why the relevance of Bitcoin is increasing. However, the owners and holders of this cryptocurrency very often have a question: “how can one sell this cryptocurrency and avoid any cheaters?”

We also want to draw your attention to the fact that one of the most common ways to sell Bitcoin is its realization using crypto exchanges, there are plenty of sites to do that for example – However, it should be understood that the sale through this channel may require from the user from 1 to 5 days of waiting until the funds for the purchase of cryptocurrency will go to his bank account or credit card. However, at the moment, the advantage of this method is the issue of security and speed of the transaction between users.

Can you buy anything real with Bitcoin?

Crypto Currency Exchange

It is evident that in 2019, the sale of Bitcoin and through cryptocurrency exchanges is a very successful and safe option. Such exchanges most often act as intermediaries that bind the seller and the buyer. In other words, the seller on this exchange comes up with an offer to sell a certain amount of bitcoins at the rate he needs, and if the buyer is satisfied with the price and the volume of trading, he agrees with this offer. Among the most popular and successful crypto exchanges in the world are the following:

Let’s now see some reviews about the top popular crypto exchange from list mentioned above like Tokenexus –

Even though throughout the Internet, many sites and cryptocurrency exchanges are accused of direct or indirect deception, I am sure that this is often the fault of the crypto exchanges. If we recall, over the past few years, the world of cryptocurrency has witnessed some of the endless cases of scam and deception, as a result of which users and holders of cryptocurrency have been subjected to attacks by cheaters. That is why the issue of security, as well as the responsibility of the crypto exchange for what is happening on its site, is top essential for me.

Before I started working with Tokenexus crypto exchange, I analyzed for a very long time what security protocols this company uses against scammers. I also studied whether there have been cases of scam on this crypto exchange. I was pleasantly surprised when I learned that this crypto exchange is one of the safest for crypto trading. That is why I transferred all my trading operations exclusively to this crypto exchange.

Also, it is worth noting the fact that the speed of trading operations is one of the best in the cryptocurrency market. For a long time, as I became a cryptocurrency investor, I tried lots of cryptocurrency exchanges, and if I wasn’t satisfied with some of the commission levels, then others had problems with the speed of the operation.

When the speed of trading was low, the rate of Bitcoin managed to fall, and I lost money because of this. Moreover, it is worth considering the simplicity of the registration process for this crypto exchange. In my opinion, it is one of the most simple and fast. That is why I recommend to all novices and experienced traders to use this crypto exchange to conduct their trading operations with a high degree of security from scammers.

At the moment, my trading volume on the Tokenexus exchange has already exceeded $ 4,000, but if I take into account my results from the beginning of the year, then by the end of 2019 my volume will already exceed $ 6,000. When you start to think about how much amount you trade daily, then absolutely all the details of the platform on which you conduct trading operations are as important as possible.

That is why I wanted to choose a platform where I will not be distracted by various trifles but will focus more on the effectiveness of making decisions about buying or selling cryptocurrency at one time or another.

That is why the choice of Tokenexus exchange was for me real salvation since I initially did not want to work with the exchanges whose principle is built solely on withdrawing commissions from their clients. I hope that in the work of this crypto exchange for the future, nothing will change, and I will continue to earn on their investments.

When I was just starting to trade cryptocurrencies, one of my friends said that the first thing you should pay attention to is security from cheaters. Since the world of cryptocurrency continuously heard about scam and deception by hackers, you should only trust your money to professional companies that know a lot about security. Of course, many may argue that even well-known companies were scammed despite their high level of protection. However, I think that real professionals are continually improving the security protocols of their crypto exchange and, therefore, such companies have almost no chance of losing money because of scammers.

For me, one of the most reliable crypto exchanges is Tokenexus. I have long looked carefully at this crypto exchange and read the maximum amount of reviews about it. What initially surprised me was the lack of any negative feedback about the company itself and about the services it provides. Thanks to these reviews, I was able to make a final decision about whether it is worth working with this crypto exchange.

If we talk about the work of the crypto exchange itself and the benefits of working with it, I would like to note the fact that there is an optimal amount of crypto coins, namely, about 20 options. To be honest, I, as an experienced trader, have enough even with four coins that are presented on this crypto exchange to conduct trading operations. Moreover, I want to note that most often the rate for the most popular crypto coins such as Bitcoin here is usually higher than the average market indicators.

I have been trading with Tokenexus Crypto Exchange for more than three months. And therefore, I would like to share my first impressions about the work of the exchange itself and its customer service. To be honest, at first, I was afraid that the presence of so many positive reviews about the work of the crypto exchange was just comments from the crypto exchange itself, which bothered to write a lot of reviews. However, as it turned out later, the reviews really corresponded to the high level of service and security from a scam that is presented on the Tokenexus crypto exchange.

Although today there are a lot of one-day companies on the market that are often cheaters and want to scam money from traders, though there are also companies that are really reliable and responsible to their users. For me, such a company has become Tokenexus. It is here that I feel very confident and completely safe. This, in turn, allows me to trade my cryptocurrency more efficiently and not be afraid that this exchange is hacked as it happened to others.

However, I am sure that a company that deals with its security issues every month is more likely not to be exposed to attacks by scammers. The fact is that when you invest your savings, which are most often very difficult to earn, you don’t want to get into a situation when someone can simply scam this money. That is why, in order to protect yourself from all sorts of scammers and cheaters, I advise every novice and experienced trader to pay attention first of all to the degree of protection of one or another crypto exchange and only then pay attention to such notions as the number of crypto coins on the exchange or the number of days required for registration.

Personally, Tokenexus crypto exchange attracted me only with the issue of exchange rates on Bitcoin. Since they are often above the average market indicators, trading on this crypto exchange is much more effective for me than on the same Binance. In principle, it is also straightforward to work with this crypto exchange, and any user can quickly figure out how to manage all trading operations. I hope they will have more crypto coins and then as it seems to me the number of users they will grow even more in the future.

I have never heard that at least someone called this company as scammers. Tokenexus exchange is actually one of the most secure and accessible among most of the crypto exchange at the moment. Moreover, I personally know people who have been working with this crypto exchange for more than six months and, in their opinion, this crypto exchange is far superior to many of the top exchanges that exist at the moment.

Among the features of working with crypto exchanges, it is worth noting that it is mandatory to go through the registration procedure for each user. This process is a specific process of authorization of the user and confirmation of his identity using documents and photo. A detailed process on some crypto exchanges can take up to several days. However, this procedure is mandatory as it is designed on the one hand to deal with violations of the law and money laundering and also to act as one of the anti-scam components.

That is why before you decide to sell this or that cryptocurrency it should be understood in advance that it is desirable to go through the registration procedure until the moment you want to sell the coin. It is worth noting that on some crypto exchanges there is an option of so-called pending orders. In other words, the seller can set the amount of bitcoin he needs and sell at the rate that is most convenient for him. This means that as soon as the crypto-coin price reaches a level that is interesting to the seller for this crypto coin, a buyer who accepts the transaction approves the deal. This parameter is handy in the cryptocurrency market as it allows the seller to insure themselves against possible high volatility.

And finally, we would like to draw your attention to the fact that when making almost all trading operations on most of the crypto exchanges, the buyer and the seller are charged a certain percentage of the commission. That is why it is essential to find out the number of fees before the moment of the transaction. Since after the transaction cancelation is not possible.



  1. A distinctive feature of the Tokenexus crypto exchange is the fastest trading operations. To be honest, I have never met an exchange at which all trading operations are carried out with the same speed and smoothness. Even after working on other crypto exchanges, there is not much to get used to this platform. It has a clear and easy interface. I was also surprised by a large amount of trading volume per day on this platform. It seems to me that if traders choose this platform, then most likely because of the speed and low commissions.

    For me, the question of the commission is also very tangible. Since when working at other crypto exchanges for several times, I almost went at a loss. Nevertheless, a very flexible policy of crypto coin rates is implemented on this platform. I mean that after making a deal and conducting a trade operation, the course is fixed for some time. That is why the risk that the rate drops sharply and you lose money is zero.

    It is a pity that I did not know about this exchange before. Perhaps, in this case, my previous results would be much better. Now I trade in a total of about 10,000 dollars. On this exchange, I sell mostly Bitcoin, since its course is very profitable in relation to the average market rates.

    Moreover, for investors like me who trade large sums at the exchange, there is a separate platform for trading. This is very convenient since, on this site, the volume and offers for the purchase of selling cryptocurrency are enormous. And like other traders, it is elementary for me to find an offer that is profitable for myself. It is also worth noting that, in addition to Bitcoin, this crypto exchange trades twenty more top crypto coins. Due to this, you do not have to switch between different crypto exchanges and transfer money from one account to another, which in turn makes you pay an additional fee for these transactions.

    As for the security of work on this exchange, according to other traders who have been working here for quite a long time, during the entire history of this crypto exchange, there hasn’t been a single failure or freezing of the system and hacker attacks. All this suggests that the company is seriously working on the issue of security.

    I think this exchange has an excellent prospect to become the best crypto exchange on the cryptocurrency market. Although now it occupies one of the top positions because that is how I could find this crypto exchange and learn more information about it and then earn excellent money using its potential.

  2. I definitely like the Tokenexus exchange. Although I have been trading on this platform for only five months, I want to share my experience of using this crypto exchange and also tell about its pros and cons. The first thing to talk about is the security of this crypto exchange. When I analyzed various crypto exchanges, it was vital for me exactly how the company was trying to protect itself and its users from possible scam attacks.Due to the fact that on this exchange, security protocols are continually being improved and the company itself pays a lot of attention to security, this adds confidence that everything will be in order.The next point is the speed of trading. If honestly for the first time I did not think about how important it is, however, when your amount moves far beyond $ 5,000, you begin to look for all possible ways to optimize your profit and minimize risks. That is why, in this case, speed is the most critical parameter that can affect the result.It is also worth noting that a considerable number of trades occur every day on the website of the crypto exchange. For me, this is also an indication that people believe in this exchange and use its services daily. If you asked me whether I recommended this crypto exchange to another traders answer – of course, I recommend!

  3. To be frank with you, the Tokenexus crypto exchange is probably the best of all that is now on the cryptocurrency market. In confirmation of my words, I would like to say that there are practically no more profitable rates of crypto coins on the market.That is why I think that there are so many traders on this platform who sell and buy cryptocurrency daily. In turn, this factor has an excellent effect on the fact that in one place you can find as a large number of lucrative offers for buying and selling cryptocurrencies that interest you.In general, you can register for the platform very quickly, and it does not take long to wait, as is the case with other world-famous cryptocurrency exchanges. I am no longer a newcomer to the cryptocurrency market and, therefore, it is sometimes possible to be more picky and selective in choosing one or other trading instruments. That is why I would like to note once again that this crypto exchange is not in vain considered to be one of the safest and fastest cryptocurrencies in the world. Trust me for those who work in cryptocurrency trading, these parameters such as security and speed will always come first. Because of the security issue depends on the preservation of your funds and the speed of trading on your monthly result. That is why when choosing a crypto exchange for yourself, turn your attention first of all to these two parameters.

  4. I recently read a review on the Tokenexus crypto exchange and finally decided to try several trading operations on it to make sure everything is as beautiful as described in reviews on various sites. The most apparent things worth noting are that many traders actually do day trading and therefore the rates can be quite enjoyable. In all other questions, I will try to sort it out, and however, my first impression of the crypto exchange, it is a perfect alternative to different crypto exchanges with a worldwide reputation whose commission is much higher.

  5. Tokenexus crypto exchange fully justifies its status as one of the best crypto exchanges on the market. As for me, the speed is good security here is also at a high level. But the most important thing is that the volume of day trading is vast. That is why it is so essential for me to work with real professionals who have every question under control. Over the entire period of work with this company, I have never noticed any freezes or drawdowns in the rates after I made a bargain. I hope that this will continue!

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